Terms and conditions for the BASC Recording Website November 2023

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) reserves the right to change the terms and conditions for use of the Green Shoots Mapping and Bag Recording website at any time without notice so please check them when you visit the website.

Any change will be deemed to take effect from the date and time on which the change was made.

Use of the Green Shoots Mapping and Bag Recording website

The Green Shoots Mapping and Bag Recording website has been created to:

  • collect information to enable BASC to support BASC’s work for shooting sports and species and habitat conservation
  • enable BASC to identify, plan and promote conservation projects that enhance shooting and conservation and contribute to local, national and international conservation goals
  • demonstrate that shooting is a positive force for conservation (see Data Sharing, below)
  • provide a bag recording system for individual members to record and report on their shooting visits and allow affiliated clubs and syndicates (collectively referred to as “clubs” from here on) to collect and analyse their members’ shooting on club land.

The Green Shoots Mapping and Bag Recording website, including its mapping and map-printing functions, is subject to copyright and may only be used by those with proper authority for the purposes set out in these terms and conditions. The Green Shoots Mapping and Bag Recording website may not be used for commercial or promotional purposes that have not been authorised in writing by BASC.

Contributors must make every effort to ensure that the information they provide is accurate to the best of their knowledge.

The Green Shoots Mapping and Bag Recording website includes a webpage which allows you to create a map or maps of your shoot. This is provided for your personal use. BASC will hold such maps and information in strict confidence and on trust for your use alone. BASC will not use such maps or information unless you have given explicit authority.

Personal information

BASC’s membership database will be used to validate your membership when you log in to the Green Shoots Mapping and Bag Recording website. The Green Shoots Mapping and Bag Recording website will retain your name, your email address, telephone number, whether you are a member of BASC and a member of any BASC affiliated clubs. No other personal data will be retained.


BASC will treat all recorded information in strict confidence subject to the following:

  • Only you can see the information you have provided unless you are member of an affiliated club where the following may apply:
    • If any shoots and/or custom maps are selected for sharing they are visible to all club members at the setting chosen (view only or editable)
    • Any species records you enter into the system which is on or near to club land can be made available to the club
    • Bag return (shooting visit) entries made by club members on club land are visible and editable by the club member(s) who have been recorded by BASC as being the club’s online bag return officer(s) (referred to as club administrators form here on). The club administrator(s) can input visits on behalf of members or guests. The club can create reports based on bag return information on club land
    • Bag return (shooting visit) entries, not linked to club land are only visible to you
  • If you are providing information on behalf of another person, for example a wildlife record through the “Seen It” section or a shooting visit if you the approved administrator for a club, then you must ensure that person is fully aware and gives their permission that the information is provided to BASC and shared in accordance with the terms and conditions of this agreement
  • You must not share your personal log in details with others. It is acceptable for more than one person to map and provide information for the same piece of land but they must do so under their own individual log in
  • You must not seek to circumvent the security features of the Green Shoots Mapping and Bag Recording website or attempt to tamper with hack into or in any other way disrupt or disable any computer system server, website, router or other device used to host this site or make it available.

Bag recording data

The “Bagged It” section of the Green Shoots Mapping and Bag Recording website collects information about shooting visits, including quarry shot, and is subject to the Confidentiality section above.

BASC may use this data to provide summary information on harvesting of quarry species to show that shooting in the UK is responsible and to assess/demonstrate sustainable use of this resource. In line with the Confidentiality section all such summary data is anonymous.

BASC supports clubs with annual bag returns for leases they have from the Crown Estate. This is a conditional requirement of the club’s lease. BASC will use bag data from the Green Shoots Mapping and Bag Recording website to provide the Crown Estate with a summary of visits made to those lease areas. This will be in agreement with the clubs.

Data Sharing

The majority of BASC members who have taken part in Green Shoots postal surveys agreed to share their wildlife records (over 48,000 by 2011) with other bona fide conservation bodies, who also share wildlife records with us. Sharing wildlife records is a powerful contribution to conservation and this experience has not resulted in any problems for BASC or BASC members.

The opportunity to share information remains under your control. Your grant of permission is indicated by leaving the box checked where the website prompts either:

  • By leaving this box checked you are giving your permission to BASC to share the records on this page with conservation partners in accordance with the terms and conditions for this website when adding or editing shoots
  • Confidential in the “Seen it” section.

To decline or withdraw your consent, as may be appropriate in circumstances where confidentiality is paramount, you simply uncheck the box.

BASC recommends that before sharing wildlife records you check with the landowner to confirm that they have no objection.

BASC will only share records for the purposes set out in these terms and conditions. In addition BASC may use its judgement to not share every record that members have given them permission to share, for example a very sensitive record of a rare species.

The information shared will include habitat types and species, date, abundance, qualifier (adult, juvenile, egg etc.) and grid references. For wildlife records provided in the Seen It area, the grid reference will be the one you provided. For habitat and wildlife records provided against shoots the grid reference will be taken as the centre of the mapped shape.

Your personal information, i.e. about you, will not be shared. The provider of the record will simply appear as “Green Shoots Mapping user”.

Where BASC has been given your permission to share records, BASC may upload those records onto the National Biodiversity Network (NBN). The NBN is the proper and accredited national provider of wildlife information to which other conservation bodies and biological record centres provide information. Placing wildlife records on this site represents a powerful contribution to conservation.

When records appear on the NBN the exact grid reference is not identified. Records are attributed either to the one kilometre square, two by two kilometre block or 10 by 10 square kilometre block in which the record applies.

The boundaries of land mapped on this system are not shared.

If for any reason you wish to change your sharing preference for any given record, you can update that record when you next visit the website. BASC will give effect to this change the next time information is shared with the NBN.

Background mapping

This site uses data provided by Land and Property Services, Ordnance Survey, OpenStreetMap and Microsoft Bing and is subject to their conditions of use.


BASC provides the information, data and material on the Green Shoots Mapping and Bag Recording website free of charge. It is provided on the basis that BASC has no liability for that information, data or material.

BASC accepts no liability for the inability of anyone to access the Green Shoots Mapping and Bag Recording website or for any information or material on it, nor does BASC warrant that it will operate without interruption.

BASC accepts no responsibility or liability for any error or corruption or breach of security resulting from the transmission of any information or material over any telecommunications network.

BASC does not exclude or limit its liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence or for any fraud on its part, or for any liability that cannot be excluded by law.

You are responsible for ensuring that your computer systems are suitable for accessing and using the Green Shoots Mapping and Bag Recording website. BASC does not warrant that any material available through the Green Shoots Mapping and Bag Recording website will be free from viruses or other code that might be harmful to your systems, though it will use its best endeavours to prevent such infections. You are responsible for implementing sufficient anti-virus and other checks to ensure the security of your systems and the accuracy of data input and output.

Third Party Goods and Services and Links

The Green Shoots Mapping and Bag Recording website is provided by ESDM ltd under contract to BASC. ESDM Ltd is based in the UK.

Any opinion, advice, statement, service, offer, information or material given or made by any third party on the Green Shoots Mapping and Bag Recording website, or on any site to which this website is linked is that of the author or provider and not of BASC. BASC does not endorse and is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any such opinion, advice, statement, service, offer, information or material.

Where material, data and/or information on the Green Shoots Mapping and Bag Recording website have been supplied by a third party, BASC does not control or endorse those third parties in any way. All material, data and/or information supplied by third parties are made available in good faith but (to the extent allowed by the law) BASC does not accept responsibility for their accuracy or use.

BASC makes no representation and gives no warranty regarding any other websites or any opinion, advice, statement, offer, information or material on them. BASC has no control over their content or availability and will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by or in connection with any use of or reliance on any information, materials, goods or services available on or through any other website.

Concerns about links to any another website should be directed to that site's website administrator or webmaster.